Human Capital

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Human Capital

CPIPG Sustainability Human Capital


We do not rent square metres. We provide people with space to create opportunities in which to flourish at work and in life.

Our quest for long-term satisfaction

  • We buy, build and take care of buildings, so people want to return
  • We strive to create the very best places
  • Our places represent opportunities
  • We are first and foremost concerned with people
  • We are satisfied only when people feel comfortable in our properties

Company culture

  • Together, we create a company culture where we not only provide top-quality asset management but also develop ourselves on a professional as well as personal level
  • Although we have grown in numbers over the years, we have still retained the character of a family business where we can respect and encourage each other

Diversity & Equal Opportunities

CPIPG adheres to labor law legislation within its respective jurisdictions and the applicable EU laws and rules. The labor laws in jurisdictions where CPIPG operates are all based on the EU laws, specifically containing anti-discrimination and equal opportunity rules and obligations.

Diversity equals strength

  • Working towards the elimination of unlawful discrimination, harassment, and victimisation based on a protected characteristic, whether actual, perceptive, or associative
  • Advancing equality of opportunity and foster good relations between persons who share a protected characteristic and persons who do not share it
  • Subjecting policies to continuous assessment in order to examine how they affect protected groups and to identify whether its policies help to achieve equality of opportunity for all these groups, or whether they have an adverse impact
  • Monitoring the recruitment and progress of all staff, collecting and collating equalities information and data as required by law
  • Promoting an inclusive culture, good practice in assessment and good management, through the development of codes of best practice, policies and training
  • Taking positive action wherever possible to support this policy and its aims

Employee Care

We understand our success relies on the ability to attract, develop and retain our employees.

  • Employee integration and mentorship
  • Fullfilment and elevation process
  • Individual and team training
  • Employee training assessment
  • Target oriented evaluation
  • Extraordinary renumeration
  • Professional growth monitoring
  • Responsibility development plan
  • Employee promotion and bonus scheme

Social support

We have an attractive and competitive employee benefits package.

  • Mortgage loan support and coordination
  • Life insurance and pension scheme
  • Extra financial renumeration
  • Discount across our hotel network
  • Subsidised shopping, restaurant and sports card
  • Utility support plan
  • Mobile phone family programme
  • Language education courses
  • Leisure activity support

Health & Safety

CPIPG adheres to health & safety legislation within its respective jurisdictions and the applicable EU laws and rules. CPIPG has a duty to its workforce to ensure that the environment in which they carry out their tasks is safe and poses no undue burden to their health.

  • CPIPG complies to all standards of health and safety in the workplace
  • Healthy employees contribute higher value to the company’s performance
  • Employee tasks are structured, there is reduced or no threat to their health or life
  • In general, there are no employee positions with a high risk to specific diseases
  • As CPIPG also collaborates with suppliers and subcontractors in the construction sector, occupational safety issues in the supply chain cannot be fully ruled out

Strict compliance with all health and safety EU and national-level regulations applicable to its operations form the backbone of the Group’s orientation.

In general, employees are expected to maintain standards of behaviour that avoid risk for themselves and others as far as possible. As such, staff are expected to accept responsibility for all objects they justifiably bring to the premises.

Group Policy - Human Capital and Employment (pdf document)

Tenant relationships

Tenant support

Taking care of their property allows them to fully concentrate on their business.
  • We look after the condition of properties and their tenants so they always remain in great shape
  • Our work is all about real estate and people
  • We firmly believe that an exceptional relationship with our tenants can only be based upon genuine and sustained property care
  • We only want to provide tenants with suitable space that meets their expectations
  • We want to provide support and assistance that cannot be gained anywhere else

Customer cooperation

We do not consider our customers just data in a table, we endeavour to establish long-term and successful partnerships with them.
  • The core of our work lies in establishing satisfaction and developing partnerships with our tenants, our shareholders as well as within our team
  • We can only achieve this with a strong and well-functioning team
  • We consider cooperation a mutual agreement to establish a relationship where no party uses the other, and where everyone stands to profit

Tenant training academy

CPIPG has introduced a tenant training programme for its shopping centre tenants. In cooperation with professional training staff from the research agency IPSOS, we completed a pilot scheme at Nisa shopping centre in the Czech Republic in April 2018 and carry out our Tenant Training Academy across our entire Czech shopping centre portfolio.

Academy goals:

  • Educating and developing tenant employees
  • Improving shopping centre customer experience
  • Introducing business behaviour basics
  • Establishing communication and soft skills training
  • Improving tenant salesmanship
  • Developing tenant and shopping centre brands
  • Increasing shopping centre and tenant turnover
  • Enhancing visitor satisfaction via tenant satisfaction

Tenant Health & Safety

Utmost assurance of infrastructural health and safety compatibility is a prerequisite to tenant satisfaction.

CPI Property Group:

  • adheres to all compliance with all EU statutory norms and safety requirements
  • complies with the highest tenant general safety and fire safety standards
  • regularly monitors and assesses tenant safety-related issues as part of its extensive due diligence activities
  • carries out regular on-site tenant property management
  • uses external service providers for tenant fire safety assessments
  • ensures transparency of all measures and work conducted for tenants is maintained through comprehensive documentation

Group Policy - Code of Conduct for Tenants (pdf document)