Environmental responsibility

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Environmental Responsibility

CPIPG Sustainability Environmental Responsibility
45,000 m2
of PV solar modules in Berlin
25,250 PV modules
total Berlin output of 6.3 MWp
5,500 MWh
Berlin annual PV energy output


  • Reduction of environmental pollution
  • Installation and improvement of sustainable systems
  • Utilisation of renewable energy sources

GSG Solar

Berlin's largest photovoltaic system

  • 45,000 m2 photovoltaic area
  • 25,250 solar modules
  • 6.3 MWp output
  • 29 building instalations
  • 5,500 MWh total annual output
  • 700 smart data meters

A successful local model

  • Locally produced, locally consumed
  • €9 million of sustainable energy investment
  • Green energy Made in Berlin-Brandenburg
  • 1,800 tenants access self-generated solar energy

Combined heat and power plants

  • 6 CHP plants across Berlin portfolio
  • Highly efficient modern combustion technology
  • 800 KWp electricial output/CHP plant
  • Significant reduction in CO2 property emissions

Green Mobility

E-SMART company car programme

  • 2018 – Introduction of all-electric E-smart company vehicles
  • Future E-fleet will comprise hybrid and all-electric vehicles

CITRÖEN Multicity Car Sharing and DB e-Flinkster

  • GSG-Berlin offers employees access to Multicity and DB e-Flinkster e-sharing vehicles
  • Company bonuscard grants tenants and employees discounted service

BMW ActiveE - cooperation with the BMW Group

  • Cooperation with BMW on a 6-month "Controlled Charging 3.0" research project
  • 2015 – Tenants had access to 10 all-electric BMW ActiveE vehicles

Charging infrastructure - an integral part of e-mobility

  • 2018 – Total 50 E-vehicle charging points in Czech Republic and Berlin
  • Future charging infrastructure to be extended

E-vehicle charging point property locations

  • City West Prague
  • BB Centrum Prague
  • Zlaty Andel Prague
  • Luxembourg Plaza Prague
  • Tokovo Prague
  • IGY Centrum České Budějovice
  • Besnet Centrum Prague
  • Meteor Office Centrum Prague
  • Bubenská development Prague (30 future charging points)
  • Technology and Innovation Park Berlin
  • Charlottenburg GSG-Hof Helmholtzstraße

Alternative Transport

  • Bike tower (Futurum Hradec Králové) automatic storage system - 118 bicycle capacity
  • Bike racks at most properties
  • Convenient accessibility by public transportation
  • Proximity to amenities

Resource Management

CPIPG recognises and implements green principles at our certified or to-be certified office properties.


  • Orientation and support of tenants in green processes
  • Proactive maintenance of environmental policies

Health & Well-being

  • Emphasis on a healthy working environment (proper control of light, temperature, ventilation etc.)
  • IAQ assess control - monitoring and eliminating risks from microbial contamination
  • Providing tenants with alternative working environments
  • Supporting active lifestyles (changing rooms, showers, bicycle rooms)


  • Regular monitoring of energy performance of properties
  • LED replacement of fluorescent tube lighting


  • Regular monitoring of water consumption/flow rates
  • Installation of water output aerators in most properties
  • Installation of waterless WC systems
  • Rain drainage storage and irrigation systems


  • Using eco-friendly materials in reconstruction and development projects
  • Smart low maintenance design


  • Recycling of all main waste streams
  • Recycling in all properties

Land use

  • Promoting of ecological diversity on site and surrounding areas
  • Ecology reporting


  • Controlling of pollutants (refrigerants, NOX) that may impact natural or working environment


  • Supporting of transport alternatives (bicycle facilities, car sharing)
  • Bike storage systems at most properties
  • E-Vehicle charging stations
  • Conveniant public transportation accessibility
  • Proximity to amenities


  • Artificial nesting sites for birds
  • Beehive rooftop installations
  • Green roof gardens

Environmental Certification

  • CPIPG's environmental policy is to comply with all applicable local regulations, while pursuing green energy-efficient solutions
  • A number of our properties are certified with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and BREEAM in-use (BIU) certification
  • Quadrio has a silver certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  • Zlaty Andel and City-West B3 office properties and Nisa Liberec shopping centre are all certified with Excellent in BREEAM
  • Ogrody Center is BIU certified Very Good and Atrium Centrum is BIU certified Good
  • Office properties City West B2, Luxembourg Plaza, Tokovo, Meteor, BB Centrum-E, Naradovna Zbrojovka are all BREEAM target certified